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Rehabilitation methods in non-displaced proximal humerus of the proximal humerus. The purpose of the study was to observe the effectiveness of physiotherapeutic methods used in the proximal fractures of the humerus. Material proximal humerus method: the research was performed on a group of 13 patients who have been orthopedically treated for fractures at the proximal end of the humerus.

Five subjects followed the TECAR therapy and physical exercise, and eight subjects followed classical physiotherapy and physical exercise.

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The evaluations have been performed at the beginning of the recovery, after 14 days, after 28 days and after 42 days of treatment. Pain intensity VAS scorejoint amplitude goniometrymuscle strength and functionality the PENN questionnaire were assessed in all patients.

Proximal Humerus Fractures 1 (OTA lecture series III u03a)

The results of the evaluations showed a decrease in pain, after the first 14 days, especially for the patients who underwent the Tecar therapy. Also, the results showed that the patients with surgical neck fractures had the best evolution in cases of goniometry evaluation, compared to the rest of the patients. In conclusion, physical therapies for proximal humerus fractures play an important role in the recovery and reintegration of the patients into family and at work.

Categories Tags Notiuni de anatomie. Prezinta un cap humeral,un col gat2 proeminente tubercul mare si mic si un sant intertubercular. La baza capului humeral este santul anatomic prin care trec arterele circumflexe humerale si un sant col chirurgical a carui denumire se datoreaza frecventei crescute a fracturilr la acest nivel.

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